It is now a widely accepted and undisputed fact that Virtual Reality is going to be the next big thing in tech. Clearly, VR in the past few years has transitioned out of the experimental phase of laboratories and has now moved more to the ‘reality’, making its way to the mainstream marketplaces. So what follows?

Given the advanced stages of Virtual Reality in the Indian market, it’s probably the best time to leverage the commercial value of VR.


By working on a career in the field. Those who catch up the trend early on, are set to be benefited in their careers.

Working for the A-listers

Simple facts: The HTC Vive is exponentially increasing the production; Steam now has a dedicated VR section on its store; the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro has been designed with AR capabilities; Xiaomi has already launched its own headset inspired from the Google Cardboard.

You see this?

All the big-league companies that anyone would dream of working for, are now moving on to the Virtual Reality domain. Given that, Virtual Reality could be the easiest ticket to these companies, just as IT used to be a few years ago. We’ll see that in the next point.

Less Competition, Easy to get in

VR being a new industry is still in its early stage of development, and hence is extremely less competitive. Very few institutes are providing training programs in VR, and even fewer are opting for them at this point in time. The demand of VR Professionals exceeds many times the current supply, and there is no question that you will be left unemployed after having a major in Virtual Reality or a related field. So as far as job security is concerned, VR is one of the best career options to choose from.

No Dearth of Choices

Being a VR professional is like a being a scientist. When you are a scientist, you are a biologist, chemist, physicist, geologists or so – but not all of these. Same is with Virtual Reality. You ought to specialise and to specialise there are as many options as you would love it to be. In the VR industry, you can be a:

  • 3D Artist – Content Coordinator
  • Senior Technical Artist
  • 3D Artist
  • VR-AR Project Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Marketing Concept Artist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • Unity Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Frontend/Backend developer
  • Design technologist
  • Graphic Designer
  • VR Game designers
  • Oculus developers
  • VR/AR programmers
  • Augmented reality app designers
  • FX technical artists
  • Gameplay engineers

VR Business

As it is with jobs, same is the case with VR Businesses. The demand exceeds the supply. More so, the demand is rising exponentially while the supply is not that fast paced. Here’s your opportunity. Start a business in the field of Virtual Reality, and there are great chances that you will succeed. The scope is immense, and you can spread it long and wide to include whatever the hell you want. There are many Indian startups already working successfully in the VR industry, and you can learn from their success.

Knowing the immense possibilities and bright prospects of the VR industry, it wouldn’t be too wise if you still doubt a career in Virtual Reality. You have the high paychecks, with immense job security, career choices and amazing job experiences in VR. What else would you seek out of a career?



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