Any see any science journal or business magazine you pick up, you can easily find articles singing in glory of the VR and AR filled world that beckons us, the incredible growth potential of the technology to change the way we know our reality. VR industry only is expected to grow from USD 1.37 Billion in 2015 to USD 33.90 Billion by 2022 and AR is estimated to hit $90 billion by 2020 itself! And, Asia with China and India at the helm will be the major growth drivers.

About the stupendous potential of VR and AR in Real Estate, Architecture & Interior Designing business, Media & Entertainment and Tourism & Hospitality, many enterprising Indian companies have been working to harness its potential to make the experience more immersive, however MARKETING is one vertical that has not been exploited completely. 

Why VR?

With the unbelievable growth of VR and AR in the last couple of years, there are still sceptics who doubt what VR and AR can do for their business.

Let us give you the reasons that will convince you to give up conventional marketing and resort to VR to reach your target market.

  • Novel, Fun and Trendy: Every marketeer spends sleepless nights thinking new ideas, devising new ways to communicate to the customers. If you think VR and AR are not that popular, then that’s its greatest advantage!
  • Informed choice: Since VR and AR rely on the principle of complete immersive experience of the user, the customers can decide for themselves before spending money if the product or the suits them or not.
  •  Exhilarating dimension to traditional print and video story-telling: Video marketing got an upperhand over print for obvious reasons and now, it’s VR and AR’s time to rule the ring. When you can have real life like experience with active participation of the customers, why prefer any passive medium.
  • Impact: VR and AR has the potential to touch feelings, inspire people to take an action and in every way they can build a relationship between people which can seem virtual, but believe you me, that is only superficial.

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VR and AR Marketing Scenario in India

Already McDonalds, Volvo and Marriott are using VR in marketing, but Indian market is still a ‘virgin’ in VR and AR content.

Already McDonalds, Volvo and Marriott are using VR in marketing, but Indian market is still a ‘virgin’ in VR and AR content, hence technologies have an amazing scope to boost business prospects of Indian companies. Though India has found a firm grounding in VR and AR hardware with many credible names like AuraVR, Irusu, MTT and many more in the market, but what we lack is the content part. Fortunately there are many enterprising startups who are filling this void with their zealous grit to bring India on VR and AR world map. 



A startup that has found its place in the prestigious T-Hub, where it rubs shoulders with the prime technocrats in the country and learn words of wisdom from Mr. Ratan Tata, Satya Nadella, Mr. Narayana Murthy. It works in the field of Augmented Reality and is slowly changing the advertising world by making the print ads more interactive and immersive. The wowsome mobile app changes the static visual image of the products into interactive AR. It has already tied up with national and international brands like L’oreal Paris India, OMEGA watches, Aston Martin, Jaguar among others.

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Another company, equally stupendous has been doing a wondrous job in the digital advertising field incorporating the AR, VR, holographic projection, simulation and human gesture based technology is Xenium. Based in the financial capital of India, Mumbai, the company is a trendsetter in the field. It has already provided its services to many popular national and international brands like Yahoo, Tata, Intel, Pears soap, Disney India, Mercedes, Cadbury to mention a few.

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Adstuck Consulting



Abhishek Shankar and Kundan Kumar, the founders of the enterprising company, started Adstruck Consulting with the vision to convert the mobile phone into a doer machine from a consumption machine. The company designs AR mobile apps in various fields including advertising, marketing, entertainment, education and others.  Alive, the co-product of Times of India and Adstruck, was a mass level success with more than 2.5 lakhs downloads in a day. It enabled the mobile users in India to use newspaper as disbursing multimedia content as well.

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GetVR hopes more and more ingenious entrepreneurs to venture in creating more amazing VR content and change the advertising world for good.  


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