The scope of Virtual Reality (VR) in Indian entertainment industry is endless. Be it gaming, films, advertising, marketing, or any other field, VR has the potential to rewrite the rules of the industry.

As we read in VR in India: Real Estate, Architects & Interior Designers Indians using the immersive cutting-edge technology for the real estate and construction industry, we are picking up pace in producing wondrous VR content for the entertainment industry as well. We have already produced a VR film series, The Unnamed Guide, and world’s one of the earliest and the India’s first VR narrative documentary, Right to Pray. Now, let’s appreciate the awesome work of startups and established companies in media and entertainment industry that are using the VR, AR and 360° technologies to rewrite the channels of communication between the storytellers and their audience at large.


VR in India: Media and Entertainment

Memesys Cultural Lab mentored by celebrated young film maker Anand Gandhi cojoined this futuristic technology to storytelling on reel. Right to Pray, India’s first VR narrative documentary has been featured in prestigious Toronto International Film Festival this year. The Lab is coming up with a dedicated studio for VR enabled films soon.

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True to its name, Meraki creates an immersive experience for the users to relive those precious moments. Based in Mumbai, the startup was founded in late 2015 by Sairam Sagiraju, Parth Choski and Agam Garg. Their perspective to view the world is a spell binding blend of technology and creativity. Just in short span of time since its birth, it has made its mark in the glittering world of media. Recently, it partnered with Eros International and Next Gen Films in making the much-appreciated psycho-thriller, Phobia. Earlier, it collaborated with Star Sports to cover India matches during the 2016 Asia cup in VR. Sunburn Goa-2015, Mumbai Summer are some of the celebrated videos it created.

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A young cinema enthusiast, Pranav Ashar started his art-media company, Enlighten, dedicated to make VR films. Recently, it launched its first and India’s first VR film series in Mumbai, The Unnamed Guide. It is a collection of eight short VR films revolving around the art of storytelling by the guides in the tourist destinations in the country.

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Nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, the City beautiful-Chandigarh is a home to a passionate team that founded Transcend. The zealous team has photographers, technologists, architects and filmmakers on board. They are known to cover concerts, events and travel expeditions in 360°.



Trimensions is a renowned name when it comes to combining art with technology. The team develops immersive VR and AR experience for the users. It also creates 360° video tours. The company caters to travel, hospitality, media and entertainment industries.

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A startup that has found its place in the prestigious T-Hub, where it rubs shoulders with the prime technocrats in the country and learn words of wisdom from Mr. Ratan Tata, Satya Nadella, Mr. Narayana Murthy is Wowsome. It works in the field of Augmented Reality and is slowing the advertising world by making the print ads more interactive and immersive. The wowsome mobile app changes the static visual image of the products into interactive AR. It has already tied up with national and international brands like L’oreal Paris India, OMEGA watches, Aston Martin, Jaguar among others.

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Another company, equally stupendous has been doing a wondrous job in the digital advertising field incorporating the AR, VR, holographic projection, simulation and human gesture based technology is Xenium. Based in the financial capital of India, Mumbai, the company is a trendsetter in the field. It has already provided its services to many popular national and international brands like Yahoo, Tata, Intel, Pears soap, Disney India, Mercedes, Cadbury to mention a few.

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Adstuck Consulting


Abhishek Shankar and Kundan Kumar, the founders of the enterprising company, started  Adstuck Consulting with the vision to convert the mobile phone into a doer machine from a consumption machine. The company designs AR mobile apps in various fields including advertising, marketing, entertainment, education and others.  Alive, the co-product of Times of India and Adstruck, was a mass level success with more than 2.5 lakhs downloads in a day. It enabled the mobile users in India to use newspaper as disbursing multimedia content as well.

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GetVR takes pride in the growing number of startups that are zealously working to bring the immersive experience to everyone through VR and AR technology and developing 360° tour videos.

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