VR is no longer a foreign technology for us. We, Indians, have learnt it, grasped it and imbibed it within ourselves. We are no longer its passive recipients, but we are making incredible innovations that are changing the landscape for the technology to grow and flourish. Indian technocrats are producing amazing VR and AR content and top notch quality VR headset devices.

Since the contributions are so diversified touching almost every vertical of the economy, we will discuss them one at a time and appreciate the once unimaginable they are doing.

GetVR takes pride in the fact that the brain behind all these ventures is just 30 years old on an average. That’s what we call leveraging the Demographic Dividend!!

Let’s talk about VR in Indian Real Estate, Architecture and Interior designing

The transition from 2D graphics to Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) 3D models and now to 360 degree panoramic, VR and AR enabled designs, real estate and construction businesses have become glorified and fascinating sectors. Literally, the new technology has infused vigor in the mundane world of bricks and mortar. Now, nothing is left to your imagination to fill in the gaps that you encounter while reading an architectural design on paper. VR has bridged the gap. Now, you can virtually walk through the flat you plan to buy, change the colour of the chair or curtain and know the intricacies that you may miss when you see it in a static and ‘passive’ floor designs. Even the architects and interior designers can know the potential flaws in the plan before it goes from the drawing board to the ground zero. That’s the power of simulation and immersion and that’s VR!


VR in Indian Real estate, Architecture and Interior designing

SmartVizX is one promising startup in VR in this section. It has been crowned as ‘Start-up of The Week’ by NASSCOM under its 10000 start-ups initiative and recently stood out more than 2000 tech startups across entire Asia at the prestigious 2016 edition of Red Herring Asia Top 100.
Located in Noida, SmartVizX was conceptualized in 2014 by a dynamo couple, Gautam Tewari and Tithi Tewari. With their power packed team of architects and game developers, SmartVizX is changing the way people make buying decisions. The company’s main products are Viviz, Archviz, Vizer and CoDeW. The company offers services like interactive walkthroughs, view of immediate surroundings from a vantage standpoint, simulated sunlight at any point of time in the day and many more.
The company plans to bring the VR technology in edutainment, healthcare and gaming in the near future.

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An acronym for Out of box Interaction, OoBI is a Bengaluru-based company that found its inception in the labs of IIT Bombay. The young enthusiastic brains behind this venture are Kumar Ahir and Atish Patel. True to its name, OoBI has developed novel ways to enable real estate builder community to help their potential buyers visualize better their dream homes and office spaces. OoBI RealiT’s prime creation is the multi-purpose screen that turns the 2D graphic designs into realistic digital experience. It provides the users ‘being there’ feeling and an also opportunity to virtually interact with it. Recently, it has collaborated with online real estate space pioneer Makaan.com and PropTiger as its Innovation and Design Centre.

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A company that has almost world wide presence with branch offices in New York and Texas is Yantram Studio. Founded by Ruturaj Desai in 2004, the company’s journey very much speaks volumes of its dynamic and enterprising team. It has been making the 2D architectural plans into CGI 3D designs and now it has ventured into converting them into 360 degree panoramic and VR enabled.

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Chandigarh based The Thought Studio is redefining the way we see and interpret architecture. The dynamic team is working to rejuvenate our architectural marvels and blend the town-planning with human comfort and not the other way around. It has been associated with many urban planning projects in the Union Territory and their thought process has ‘disrupted’ the present conventional thinking  and quick-fix solutions mentality in the administrative top brass. The Thought Process has been associated with UNESCO’s and Ministry of Culture’s project to create a VR tour of the citadel of Amer, which has won it critical acclaim world over.

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SpectraVR is India’s premiere Virtual Reality Content Studio. In the span of just a year since its inception in Mumbai, the company has become an established and trusted brand that delivers quality VR content in almost every vertical. Be it travel, real estate, hospitality, entertainment, sports or gaming, SpectraVR has left the world spell bound with its VR videos. World’s known brands Mercedes Benz, Maruti Suzuki, The Deltin Hotels, Red Chillies Entertainment, Kingfisher, T-Series Music Company have availed its services. News channel, Times Now’s ‘Amazing Indians’ show with the Hon. Prime Minister also came from the studios of these VR enthusiasts.

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The bustling metropolis, Mumbai, is home to one more startup, Meraki. The company was founded in late 2015 by Sairam Sagiraju, Parth Choski and Agam Garg. The company has a niche in creating 360 degree films for real estate, tourism, sports, events amongst many other things. Being a team of IIT graduates and a filmmaker, the content they produce is a happy blend of technology and creativity.

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IIT-Delhi graduate in Computer Science, Harvard Medical School and MIT Media Lab head, when you have such prestigious names in your resume, you can land in the Silicon Valley with ease. But, the man we are talking about here chose to come back to India to create a homegrown futuristic technology. Kshitij Marwah, the founder and CEO of TESSERACT, with his energetic team of artists and engineers produced India’s first 360° VR camera, METHANE. The camera takes two minutes to scan a single room in 360 VR with dimensions and 20 minutes to scan a full 2 BHK house, with real-time upload and produce a virtual 360° tour of the whole area. Its clients list include Commonfloor.com, Housing.com, NestAway, Make My Trip, Solund (Denmark) and many more. Not just real estate, the startup caters to tourism and entertainment too.

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Another startup nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, Chandigarh, is Transcend. It was founded last year by a passionate team of architects, filmmakers, and technologists.
It develops 360 degree immersive videos for real estate, hospitality, education and sports industries.


There is one amazing platform which enables the builders, architects and interior designers to develop their portfolio in 360 degree panoramc images, 2vr.in. The platform is created by the pioneers of VR headsets in India, AuraVR. The images can be uploaded online here, accessible from every mobile or browser. No additional software or app is needed to share the images.

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The next two companies are too working on something spectacular. The end product is not in the market yet, but I couldn’t conclude this article without mentioning them.



Look Mobility has gone a step further. It is working on creating a DIY platform for builders, architects and interior designers who can easily use it despite having no/little programming knowledge. The mobile app will enable the users to design and visualize their home/office interiors and buy furnishing products there itself.
The company has its own Google cardboard inspired foldable VR headset, fololens.

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This Gurgaon-based company is going to revolutionize the way you shop online. Know that hitch that stops you from purchasing home/office furnishing products online? The basic idea behind Descovr is to get you rid of this hitch. The Descovr app will give you ample of categorized options to select and SEE HOW IT LOOKS LIKE ON THAT SPOT. The technology is Augmented Reality (AR). It is a brainchild of a celebrated architect Anoop Grover.

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You don’t have to battle the maddening traffic from corner of the city to another to hunt for your dream home or office space or furnishing products. VR and AR are going to bring them to the comfort of your armchair.

VR and AR in realty sector and construction business have helped people at large to take informed decision.

Be smart and choose VR/AR.


Image Credits: Google Images, 2vr.in & Yantram Studio

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