Virtual Reality is one stupendous technology that never fails to sweep us off our feet. VR technocrats say, ‘The technology is still in its infancy.’

Is it?

Imagine what gigantic aura it would attain in not so distant future when it comes to its full bloom!

‘Teleporting’ in time and space has been a much celebrated charm of the VR. Exigencies of time and resources make us give up our traveling plans and most of the times bind us to one place. VR has the power to take us virtually anywhere and anytime on this planet and beyond. You want to go to the Moon or Mars, not an issue. Switch to NASA or ESA and travel to the hitherto unimaginable corners of the universe.

Here in India, VR enthusiasts are making our travel plans easier and ‘disrupting’ and rewriting the way we used to plan and travel across the world. Not just giving us a VR tour to our favourite destination, they are helping us in making smarter decisions in relation to making our stay pleasurable and memorable. Some provide us VR tours of the fine hotels and restaurants in and around our destination. You can virtually walk in the resort, roam around the restaurants and rooms. Select and choose your beautiful sea-view room before zeroing it in. Incredible isn’t it?

Having read and appreciated Indians’ marvellous ventures in VR, AR and 360° technologies in Media & Entertainment and Real Estate & Construction industries, let’s come to applaud the incredible efforts  in Tourism and Hospitality industries in VR in India.


Spectra VR


Based in the sterling land of Mumbai, SpectraVR is India’s one of the premiere VR storytelling studio. In just a span of an year it has established itself as a trusted brand to deliver top-notch quality VR content in almost every vertical of the economy. Travel, hospitality, real estate, entertainment, sports and VR gaming, it has spread its tentacles to all these fields. It’s illustrious list of clients speaks volumes of its work. The list includes The Deltin Hotels, Kingfisher, Mercedes Benz, Maruti Suzuki, Red Chillies Entertainment, T-Series Music Company and many more. News channel, Times Now’s ‘Amazing Indians’ show with the Hon. Prime Minister also came from the studios of these VR enthusiasts.

Follow its blog to know more about it.

The Thought Studio


Chandigarh’s The Thought Studio has earned critical acclaim across the world for its VR tour of the citadel of Amer.  The project was done under the auspices of the UNESCO and Indian Minstry of Culture.  The studio is mainly associated with architecture and the spirited team is working hard to revive the charm of age-old architectural history in the country and blend town-planning with human comfort.

Know more about it from their interesting facebook page.



Kshitij Marwah, the brain behind India’s first ever 360° VR camera, METHANE, has such a prestigious credentials on his resume that something incredible from this young man seems all the more natural and obvious. An IIT-Delhi graduate in Computer Science and Harvard Medical School alumnus and former MIT Media Lab head, Kshitij and his team of passionate engineers and designers made a fully homegrown 360° VR camera at TESSERACT. The camera has already created waves in the country and abroad with its magical results. India’s giant in travel and hospitality industry, Make My Trip, is one of its clients. Not just tourism, the startup caters to entertainment and realestate industry too.

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2vr is one ingenious platform to flaunt your 360° images with the world.  It’s a simple web based VR viewer that does not require any software or app installation that works well on all the latest browsers and even supports split screen viewing for VR headsets. Architects, interior designers, travellers, resort owners are using the platform to showcase their talent by developing their portfolios here. The platform has been created by a renowned brand in VR headsets, AuraVR. The 360° panoramic images can be easily shared to any social media and even whatsapp or use the code to embed it anywhere.



TRIMENSIONS has a niche in making traveling experiences to last forever. The way it has blend art and technology produces an ace class photography which can transport you the place and the feeling is so real. The company caters to travel, hospitality, media and entertainment industries.

Enjoy the amazing videos on its YouTube channel.



Meraki creates an immersive experience for the users to relive those precious moments. Based in the bustling metropolis, Mumbai, the startup was founded in late 2015 by Sairam Sagiraju, Parth Choski and Agam Garg. Their perspective is what makes them class apart. Sunburn Goa-2015 and Mumbai Summer are some of the well- received videos it created. Recently, it partnered with Eros International and Next Gen Films in making the much-appreciated psycho-thriller, Phobia. Earlier, it collaborated with Star Sports to cover India matches during the 2016 Asia cup in VR.

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VR India tourism

Another startup nestled in the foothills of Himalayas, Chandigarh, is Transcend. An energetic team of architects, filmmakers, and technologists founded it last year and since then it is changing the way people are visiting and treasuring their travel experiences.


World renowned brands in hospitality industry are already offering such an experience to lure its prospective customers. Some of them are Marriot, Taj, Hilton. and the like. It’s only a matter of days that such a thing will become rampant in our country too.

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GetVR congratulates every venture that is pushing the defined and known boundaries of the known world.

Keep going!


Image Credits: Google Images, & Meraki 

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