You must have heard Virtual Reality in gaming, watching movies, traveling new places… Did you ever imagine VR for worshipping?

Well, that’s right. A VR and AR start-up, Kalpnik technologies has developed an app which will enable devotees across the globe to pay obeisance at the Karmanghat Hanuman Temple, Hyderabad during Hanuman Jayanti. They will be able to become ‘a part’ of the celebrations via 360 degree app.

The Hanuman Jayanthi celebrations at Karmanghat Hanuman Templewill be available via VR DEVOTEE App from 6 am on March 31. The VR Devotee headset is available on AuraVR.com

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VR DEVOTEE says that it enables users to have a full 360-degree view in virtual reality giving them an immersive experience, which is almost as good as being there. The app is available free for download on Google Playstore and Apple Store

Ashwani Garg – CEO & Co Founder of Kalpnik Technologies Pvt. Ltd said, “Many people are unable to visit highly desired religious temples, meet with their gurus or attend special occasions due to distance, costs, physical inability and time constraints making it either once in a life time visit or an inconvenient impersonal experience. At Kalpnik we spent over 18 months in developing a very user-friendly APP and VR headset that delivers a highly immersive experience for devotees. The experience is almost as good as physically being there.”