VR has now made its presence felt in world cinema and we have a tangible and proud evidence of a VR short film being nominated in Oscars for best animated short film 2016.

Standing on equal footing and competing with big stalwarts of Hollywood has earned the VR technology the due respect and attention that the incredible technology totally deserves. The movie named Pearl, an animated short created by Google itself is among the nominees for best animated short film of 2016.

The six-minute movie, which Adweek wrote about last summer, is a father-daughter road trip saga that features the duo driving along in a car, playing music and following their dreams from city to city. The film lets people view the YouTube Spotlight Series production in a number of ways.  

While anyone can still watch the 2-D version, viewers can open it via YouTube’s app and spin the phone around 360 degrees to see various perspectives of the journey. The most immersive experience, of course, is to watch it with a VR headset, which lets users feel as if they’re inside of the car. 

Enjoy the movie on YouTube.