Year 2017 looks brighter and more thrilling with VR foundation already been successfully laid earlier, especially 2016. Medium to travel to the VR world is already doing rounds in the market, what is required is top notch VR and AR content. 

Fortunately for VR enthusiasts across the globe, film-makers have recognised the power of VR technology to provide an immersive experience to the viewers making them a part of the story. It is definitely a two-way gain. For story-tellers, who have always desired to make their audience empathize and become one with their stories and the viewers, who always secretly wished ‘How great it would be if I were there?’ 

Here’s a list of amazing VR movies that you must look forward to with all your excitement this year.

Planet Of The Apes




The fascinating story of the world where humans and intelligent apes clash for control has kept the world gripped since late 1960’s and to this day it’s spell has not waned. Bringing you closer to the new chimp overlords, 20th Century Fox have paired up with Occulus Rift for a VR version of the movie. You should not expect it to be absolutely based on the narrative of the upcoming War of the Planet of the Apes, it’s just the production house is utilising the VR technology to “expand storytelling” for the franchise. Though a release date has not been announced, however expect it to be released around the same time as the new film so that some real monkey madness can be built up. And after this venture, we can definitely look forward to more VR movies from the 20th Century Fox.

‘Alien: Covenant’



If you thought playing Alien: Isolation was terrifying, then you’d better prepare yourself for a hell of a lot more jump scares. After Alien: Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien: Covenant looks absolutely horrifying. This is one virtual reality experience that is sure to thrill horror fiends.



‘Power Rangers’



The first Power Rangers of 21st century is scheduled to be released in March this year.  Lionsgate have exhibited a brand new virtual reality experience to promote the release of the new Power Rangers film. According to Screen Rant, Qualcomm Technologies’ mobile experience will give fans the ability to “enter the zords of their favorite Power Ranger, embodying their powers and capabilities”. Which color will you choose?

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’



We have always been spellbound by the jaw-dropping special effects in the Transformers. Imagine all this and much more in VR!

A nine minute VR experience for the upcoming Transformers: The Last Night will b released. For this, the production house has paired up with IMAX to build 30 pods in various theatres around the world.

Not just the Hollywood, back home in India there has already been VR films scheduled to be released this year.

Baahubali VR


 Baahubali has been the most awaited movie of all times. From last two years, people have been guessing ‘Why Katappa killed Baahubali?’ and finally we are going to get our answer in Baahubali – The Conclusion. The visionary director of the movie S S Rajamouli teamed up with AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group to create Baahubali VR and the excitement has grown ten times with it. 

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Memesys Cultural Lab has transcended journalism and storytelling to an incredible level. It has developed a mixed reality channel, a quarterly magazine, ElseVR, that shatters the barriers between the viewer and the subject. Aiming to sensitize the world about the lesser known dark reality of the world we live in, it uses the immersive power of VR to give the viewers the first hand experience of the world that has been happily ignored and abandoned. It makes the viewers ‘part’ of that world and makes them feel the pain that is ubiquitous in this world.


These VR offerings sound exciting, but don’t forget that it’s only the start of the year. With so many releases set for 2017, we’re bound to hear more announcements of exciting new virtual reality experiences.

GetVR shares your excitement for these incredible VR movies.

Do share which other movies you wish to watch in VR. 


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