Walmart has set an example with how VR has utility beyond gaming and entertainment, it is using VR technology to train its employees in all its academies. 

By 2017 end, the project will be executed.

STRIVR, a virtual reality startup based in Menlo Park that has worked with companies like PepsiCo and professional sports leagues like the NFL, is offering its services to Walmart in the project. 

Walmart has been employing STRIVR’s technology in 31 of its training academies over the past few months. With its successful results, the program is decided to be rolled out to all its 200 academies expected to be in use by the end of 2017.

STRIVR’s technology allows employees to experience real-world scenarios through the use of an Oculus headset, so that employees can prepare for situations like dealing with holiday rush crowds or cleaning up a mess in an aisle.

The headsets will also be linked to a video screen that shows the classroom what the trainee is seeing, so that the instructor and students can weigh in on the performance.

Walmart has maintained that it expects 140,000 of its employees to go through Walmart Academy training this year, and that VR will be “an integral part of that experience.”

See how it is being done:




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