Let’s talk fashion today.
Oh, don’t turn away. Fashion industry has become the next one to get hooked with Virtual Reality(VR) technology.
Fashionistas, IMAGINE! You are occupying the best view spot in a fashion show. You skip the insane madness at the entry points and straight away jump to the best part and that too without being invited.
Enticing, isn’t it?

Well, fashion has started flirting with VR technology that brings the fashion to their admirers across the six continents in a real immersion. You’re your VR headset is on, YOU ARE PART OF THE SHOW. Right there in front row.

YouVisit is one well known platform that has made the largely inaccessible places like universities (like Harvard), mountain peaks, fashion and sporting events accessible to us. Last year, they partnered with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) to bring out the absolutely scintillating, Mirror to the Soul. The five-minute flattering video covers whole event from the streets to the backstage to the front row to the rear. It has been touted as a game-changing marketing tool as it allows the viewer to survey runway looks from all angles. Alexander Shumsky, founder and president MBFW Russia, has maintained that with increased information access, it eventually increases the possibility of placing an order.” It is definitely “more fun than browsing websites.”

Drag your mouse on the screen to enjoy 360 degree view.

Big wigs in fashion industry like Balenciaga and Hussein Chalayan are already pouring in their capital to give their fans across the globe a real immersive experience. Dior launched its own VR headset last February, Dior Eyes, that transports you to the backstage at some of its biggest shows.

dior vr

Besides, there is a huge potential of VR growth in apparel’s online shopping. Some have even come up with their virtual fiiting rooms to ‘try’ on before buying. FITLE is one amazing mobile app. You enter your height and take four iPhone pictures of yourself at different angels. In few seconds, your 3D avatar will be ready to try things on for you.


Another renowned one is Fashion3D. It provides ‘accurate cloth simulation’ of 3D clothing. It started life as the Virtual Style Pod, showcased in autumn 2013 at luxury Abu Dhabi retail destination, The Galleria. Last year, it was universally made available.

VR in Indian Fashion Industry

Fortunately, we are not the passive recipients here.

With 360 degree cameras in the market like Theta S from Ricoh and LG 360 degree cam, you can shoot your collection and share it on online and become popular. There are many Indian startups that concern themselves to cover the event in 360°. Meraki (in Mumbai) is one of the finest studios that has earned country-wide accolades. Stepping Further, during the much-celebrated Lakme Fashion Week August 2016, India’s iconic fashion designer Manish Malhotra presented his gorgeous collection in VR for his admirers around the world.

This definitely marks Indian fashion industry’s plunge into combining fashion with technology. In the days to come, expect Indian Augmented Reality enabled dressing rooms and make-up rooms. Indian architects and interior designers have already taken a leap into AR, fashion industry can’t be far behind.

So many fascinating things coming up in Fashion VR! Stay tuned to getvr.in for more.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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