What’s Amazing

Technology is growing exponentially and we are at the cusp of an unfathomable change. The top five emergent technologies- AI, Synthetic Biology, AR/VR/MR, Blockchain & IOT- will re-define the way we live, work, play & Socialise. Immersion- India’s 1st VR Film Fest & Con which held on March 1st/2nd at Nehru Centre- Mumbai was a much needed platform to emphasise the impact of Immersive Technologies plus educate & build awareness.

Vested players, enthusiasts and enterprises that have either adopted or looking at ways to use AR/VR/MR in their respective industries were seen in this two day event. The stellar speaker line up included keynotes by Chaitanya Chunduri, head of Google India, AR/VR and Nathan Gaydhani, head of Immersive Tech at System Active. 

VR screening zones showcased some of the top VR content from local and global content creators. There was a screening zone titled- VR For Change carved for socially relevant and impactful VR content. Immersion India’s first AR/VR Film Fest & Conference, conceived by VR Storytellers and NYUCT Design Labs was a much needed push for India’s Nascent AR/VR Industry.


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