There are still many people who are sceptical about VR and keep asking ‘Why VR?’ ‘What makes it so special?’ ‘Why must I know about it?’ 

If you are one of them, read on. 

2016 has truly been a ‘Virtual Reality VR Year’! The world has witnessed such stupendous development in VR this year that everyone has been swayed and hooked to the technology. Every rising sun there is something brewing at this front. From the world tech czars to the entrepreneurs across the world are investing in their time, energy and money in the technology to cash in the booming phase of the futuristic technology that is believed to change the world we know. After all, the very concepts of sensation and perception are changing. The way we understand REALITY is changing. We no longer need to depend on the ‘real-life’ event to experience what it feels like. A digital simulation is equally good. Who could have thought that you could trick your own brain in such explicit way!

VR has finally started delivering


Since the WW-I, armed forces have relied on simulation in personnel training and later on even began to be used in astronauts training. Over the years it got improved, however remained too expensive for mass use. It was Google Cardboard that was launched in the year 2004 that VR grabbed the world imagination. From a highly classified technology it was presented as a pastime for children, ‘Make your own VR headset out of pizza box.’  Since then it’s been no looking back. The technology has literally become all pervasive. Practically, there’s no area of life where it can’t be used.

Gaming world has gone head over heels


From the huge video arcades to more recent gaming consoles to playstation, virtual gaming has evolved over the period of time. Kickboxing Ren in Street Fighter, racing in the best German cars in the world’s car racing courts, how badly players would imagine themselves doing all this with their own hands. Who knew this would be true at any time in the times to come? Well, yes the Future is Here! The immersive power of VR takes the players to the gaming world. They are terrified as they slay zombies, have the adrenaline rush as they don the role of a patriot soldier shooting down the enemies. If playstations you had thought were the pinnacle of gaming experience, try VR games! 

It’s another dimension to learning, EducationVR


Better conceptual clarity adds to better comprehension leading to improved mental skills. School and university curriculum have long relied on 2D graphics in their pedagogical styles, but VR has brought a revolutionary change in it. Training part has largely been taken care of. Wear a VR headset and students can learn the intricacies of dissection and engineering. ExpeditionVR of Google is quite a rage amongst school students across the world. Taking them places from Buckingham Palace to the Egyptian Pyramids all you can travel sitting right there in the classroom. 

It’s not a passive medium. It’s social


At the Oculus Connect conference last October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asserted that VR is the next major computing platform and demoed a conceptual VR social space. He announced the formation of a “Social VR team,” which will be exclusively tasked with determining ways in which future users might interact with one another using virtual reality. A Bangalore based team of young VR enthusiasts, GazeMatic have already translated into action. From being still relatively passive technology, they turned it to a medium to socialise. Their Teleport Call, a mobile app is first of its kind voice caller application where you can teleport yourself when you are on a call with your friend. Wherever in the world your friend is located, both of you can stay on VR mode on VR mode and feels like you are sitting right next to each other, laughing crazily on the same scene. 

Training against the odds 


VR is also coming to the rescue of people embroiled in serious problems. Psychiatrists and psychologists have chosen to use VR in their psychotherapies.Making people fight their their phobias, fears and anxiety has been one of the toughest task before them. Psychotherapies largely rely on simulation and graded exposure to the stimuli and VR is the preferred medium now. Besides, anywhere it is hard to replicate the real world in training, especially natural calamities, personnels are trained on VR to withstand pressure, reduce reaction time and come up with an situation appropriate response.

Therefore, put VR on your radar

It’s safe to say that VR can no longer be written off as a science fiction trope, a mere recreational vessel, or a sector of technology that’s far off into the future. It’s already a valuable tool, a revolutionary interface, and a new computing platform. You don’t need to plunk down cash for a complete gaming system or even try it for yourself to recognize its sheer potential. With the premium quality VR headsets available now (an alternative to too expensive Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens, Samsung Gear) in less than $30, it is seeping in to the last man in the queue.  

VR is definitely becoming a mass revolution. Join in. 


Image Credits: Google Images


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